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IT Consulting

Let's talk about IT
  • Helping you finding the right hardware and software for your business or school
  • Optimizing your IT workflows to ensure your company works as efficient as possible


Managed Service Provider
  • Setting up, monitoring and keeping your infrastructure up to date
  • Managing your servers, wifi, firewalls and computers
  • We serve a wide variety of customers from schools, construction companies, NGOs and medical facilities

Incident response

  • Helping you recover from cyber and ransomware attacks
  • Making sure the attackers won't return

IT forensics

Socialcube ®

The famous e-Learning platform for the XP-based grading system.
Used by over 400 schools and universities from 14 countries.


Innovative XP grading system

On Socialcube teachers can grade their students using the innovative XP (Experience Points) based grading system. All students have an XP bar which will level up their grade if full.

More info..

Free for all institutions

It's very important for us that this system can be used by any teacher in any school or university at no charge.
Charges may only apply for companies or project teams who want to use Socialcube.

Assignment system

Teachers can create assignments which can be graded with XP. The teacher defines how many XP an assignment is worth and the students know exactly what they'll get in return.

Responsive Design

Socialcube was designed to work on any device. If you use the site on a smartphone you'll still have all features of the full site.

Open Source

We believe in the power of community driven projects and use many open source tools in our daily lives.

For this reason we heavily invest in our own and external Open Source projects

Check out haschek-solutions.org to see our Open Source projects



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